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Year 6 Curriculum

Autumn - On the Move and Black & British - Topic Continued

We all live in the United Kingdom, but do we really know much about it? What will Great Britain look like in the future?  During the autumn term, we will be using maps and atlases to name and locate counties and cities in the UK and around the world and linking this this to our findings about immigration, emigration and migration.  This supports our English work, where our text is ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’ by Onjali Rauf.

Our learning leads us to our ‘Black and British’ topic, which allows us to consolidate our understanding of the history we have learned so far at Downs as well as looking at other time periods such as post World War Two Britain. Through this study, we will learn about the history of black Britons, which stretches back millennia. We will consider issues surrounding race and changing attitudes and experiences over time.

Spring 1 - Power of the Planet

What is a natural disaster? Why do they happen?

We will be learning about volcanoes and other natural disasters and where they have occurred around the world. We will be comparing the effects of these in the developing and developed worlds and making links with climate change. 

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Spring 2 - Evolution Revolution

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How do we know about animals from the past? How have animals evolved from their dinosaur ancestors?

As scientists, we will explore the origins of the earth and build on our knowledge of how life on Earth is classified and how it has evolved. We will learn how archaeologists use fossils to deepen their understanding of the past. 

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Spring 2 LJ page 2 for website

Summer - Ancient Maya

As historians, we will be going on a journey to Ancient Maya.  Looking at the culture and achievements of the Maya people, the unit will end with you creating a travel brochure which encourages people from Brighton today to go back in time to 1,100 BC!

As artists, we will be learning about Maya masks, why they were important and how they were made. We will then design and make our own 3D masks using a variety of techniques.

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