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Physical Education




The teaching of physical education aims to develop skills which the children can use and apply in a variety of situations. Through teaching we aim to give the children a good understanding of the importance of health and fitness. We also teach the basic principles of working in a team, as well as the skills needed to participate in a range of sports and other physical activities. We work with a physical activities specialist, who helps to deliver high quality PE experiences for all children.

At Downs Junior School, we have very good facilities and equipment to provide the children with a range of activities and experiences to develop their physical competency and encourage positive attitudes towards physical activity. The children have opportunities to participate in a wide range of games, gymnastics, dance and athletic activities. Physical education is taught twice a week. Children in years three and five participate in swimming lessons for half a term which is taught by trained instructors. Children in year 5 also have the opportunity to take part is Outdoor Adventure Activities during a residential trip to the Isle of Wight. 

There are all also many opportunities for children to enrich and develop their understanding of physical education through extra curricular clubs. We use pupil questionnaires to find out the clubs children would like to attend and change clubs accordingly. We currently have school football, rugby, cricket, basketball, gymnastics and netball teams which compete in competitions and tournaments.


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