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Autumn Term - Who was Tutankhamun?


During the Autumn term, as Historians, we investigate the incredible Ancient Egyptians. We will take a journey through time to find out about Ancient Egyptian beliefs and how they lived. We have an exciting visit from Mr Dilly who brings the Ancient Egyptians to life and we also take a walk to Brighton Museum to see incredible artifacts in the flesh. As writers, we will create our own Egyptian stories and write a newspaper article about the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb. We will also put on our own Egyptian Museum at the end of the term to show off our fantastic work to parents and carers.

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Spring Term - Abominable Adventures

During the Spring term, we focus our learning around the book ‘The Abominables’ by Eva Ibbotson. As geographers, we learn all about mountain ranges and compare mountains in Europe to local areas of geographical interest such as Devil’s Dyke. This links to our investigations in to types of rocks and soils in science lessons. As artists, we will use masking and watercolors to create incredible forest artwork.  

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Summer Term - Anglo Saxons

During Summer term, we will investigate life in Anglo Saxon and Viking times. We will look at ‘Beowulf’ and write our own story based on this text. We will also make Anglo Saxon purses. As scientists, we will explore living things and their habitats with a trip to Woods Mill. This year, we will be taking part in the children’s parade and learning about samba rhythms in music.

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