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Autumn Term - Who was Tutankhamun?


As historians we will take a journey through time to find out about the beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians and how they lived.

As writers we will be reading and performing Egyptian myths then creating our own. At the end of the topic we will have made our own book to share with other children.  We will also be writing newspaper articles about the amazing discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb. Finally we will write and perform a range of poetry.

As mathematicians we will explore number systems from Egyptian times to help us understand place value and work on mental and written calculations for addition and subtraction, multiplication and division. We will need to use our reasoning and logic skills to discover solutions to all sorts of problems.

As artists we will be investigating the style and patterns used in Egyptian times to inspire and create a silk painting.

As musicians we will be exploring and experimenting with rhythms and instruments to create our own Egyptian style music.

At the end of our topic we will exhibit our work and special projects in Year 4’s very own ‘Egyptian Road Show!’

Spring Term - Anglo-Saxons, myths and monsters


As historians we will investigate what life was like in Anglo Saxon times. We will make a miniature settlement, have our own Anglo Saxon name and find out more about everyday life. We will look at where in the world Saxons came from and identify them on a map.

As writers we will be reading and performing plays then writing our own based on the Anglo-Saxon myth ‘Beowulf’. Later on in the term, we will be identifying features of explanation texts and writing our own to explain unusual inventions based on the book ‘Until I met Dudley’.

As mathematicians we will explore fractions of shapes and amounts and learn about the relationship between fractions and decimals. We will also develop our knowledge of measurement through practical activities and investigations. We will use our reasoning and logic skills to discover solutions to all sorts of real-life problems.

As designers we will be researching, designing and making our own bread.  As musicians we will be learning to play either the ukulele or the recorder.

As scientists we will be investigating sound and how it travels through a number of experiments. We will design our own experiment to test which materials are the most effective at muffling sound.

In PE we will be playing handball and will learn to control and propel the ball using a range of passing techniques and practice dribbling and shooting skills. In table tennis we will be learning techniques for controlling the ball using both forehand and backhand. We will develop these skills, play matches and develop leadership and teamwork skills.

Spring Term - Brighton Rocks

As geographers we will be learning about mountain formation in preparation for our summer term Mountain topic.

As scientists we will be finding out about rocks, fossils and soils and designing and conducting our own fair tests.

As artists we will be making close observational drawing of rocks and fossils which we will develop into a relief print.

In RE we will be looking at the importance of sharing food in different religions and will find out about Easter.

As writers we will be reading about Mary Anning, an ordinary young woman from Lyme Regis who collected fossils and went on to become one of the world’s most famous palaeontologists. Her incredible discoveries will inspire our story writing.

Summer Term - A Place for Everything

As scientists we will use the school grounds and local environments to explore wildlife and will visit Woods Mill to learn about living things and their environment.

As Geographers we will be learning about different mountains around the world and will focus on the Alps.

As writers we will be writing non-chronological reports about real and imagined animals. We will write persuasive travel brochures to encourage tourists to visit mountain destinations. Finally we will write our own fantasy stories based in an imaginary world.

As artists we will use the work of Eric Ravilious and landscape painters to inspire landscape painting and drawing.

As mathematicians we will be exploring area and perimeter as well as continuing to develop our mental and written calculation skills and solving real-life problems.

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