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English is central to every child’s learning.  It is a core subject in the National Curriculum and plays a significant part in the teaching and learning of all subjects.  It is a high priority to enable all pupils to fully develop their abilities to use and understand language.  We use schemes of work for each year group based on the New Primary Framework for English, the aim of which is to support and increase all children’s access to excellent teaching, leading to exciting and successful learning.   We aim to provide a supportive and stimulating learning environment where children are given a wide range of opportunities to talk, listen, read and write for a variety of real purposes and audiences.  We always us a range of strategies for teaching including guided focus group work, ‘Talk for Writing and Learning Partners’.  We set high expectations and give every learner the confidence to succeed through working with them to tackle the specific barriers to learning they face.  We actively encourage parental involvement in children’s language development.



Earlier this year, we held a spelling (and word class) workshop for parents/carers. We shared the school’s spelling toolkit along with spelling and word class games and activities to play at home. Thank you to the 35 adults that attended. For those of you that were unable to attend, the activities, slides and other useful English information can be found below. We were assisted by some of our fantastic year 6 students who helped explain some of our toolkit with examples of their own. Well done and thank you to Ella (6WP), Flora (6WP), Archie (6P), Isobel (6H), Tilly (6H), Jasmine (6H) and Ophelia (6H).

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